Unint:11 , No:2, Modir St, Saatari Blvd, Jordan St, TEHRAN


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Company introduction

S.G.B.co. ShabakehGostarBehsan

 experiencing more than two decades of highly expert managers and staff in the field of general contracting, meditates to provide significant services to its customers with exploiting up-to-date international facilities, various equipment and software.

 .In order to this, with the aim of better and faster servicing, company’s infrastructures have been reoriented within four


:Categorized departments as follow

  1. Civil Engineering and Infrastructures Department
  2. Electrical Engineering Department
  3. Oil, Gas &Petroleum Department
  4. Mechanical Engineering Department

We strongly believe that coordinating and integrating in engineering activities, not only leads in synergy ,but it also increase the velocity of projects and their overall quality level, and provide ever-increasing customer satisfaction

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